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Please not that Madness Creek Stables is not registered with HARPG. This stable is not a part of HARPG.
I've tried before but HARPG have too many rules for my taste, it's too complicated and it just stresses me out! :)
So Madness Creek Stables is an independent stable, but that doesn't mean that I have anything against HARPG.
I think it's great, but it's not my thing :aww:

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Colours: Green&brown
Disciplines: Liberty&halter
Breeds: Both natural&unnatural; no specific breeds
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Madness Creek Stables is located in a land beyond imagination. It's a Wonderland where reality and fantasy are impossible to tell apart and madness and sense is just about the same. Therefor both realistic and fantasy breeds find that Madness Creek Stables is a place of refuge; where everbody is accepted and welcome to join the folly and be a part of the mess. All the horses in our stable are unique, both in their personality and their looks. The main disciplines are liberty and halter, because we want to show our horses to the world. Some of our horses also carries humans with dignity and pride on their backs and those we also compete in dressage, but most of our horses are not to be ridden and those proud creatures we only compete in halter and liberty - because that's what they do best; steal the attention.

In this mad world that is our Wonderland, the surrondings are ever changing. Great mountains, deep forests, open meadows, purling creeks, beautiful valleys, hills and moors in the spirit of Britain. Around the corner something new is awaiting and whenever you think you have this magical little world in your pocket, you get fooled away in the wrong direction.
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Madness Creek Stables isn't a very big stable. There are thousands of hectare at disposal; but even though the pastures are many and big (often the pasture's size makes it impossible to walk trough the whole pasture in less than a day) the stable it self is quite small. There are one stable for the mares, one for the stallions and one for the sick horses (to make sure that the diseases don't spread and infect the other horses) - but that's just about it. The horses aren't indoors very often, they are in their pastures around the clock. Sometimes, when there's a really nasty weather - such as lightning, snowstorms or thunderstorms - the horses get to seek shelter in their stalls. But elements such as snow, rain or wind is something the horses will have to deal with. If there's a horse of the fragile kind who can't quite handle rough weather they get to wear a blanket so that they won't freeze - and of course there's a big open shed in every pasture so that the horses always can have a roof over their heads if they so wish.

The establishment have three stables, a paddock, many, many pastures and just as many riding tracks. But the stable doesn't have a indoor riding arena, a horse walking machine, a horse solarium or any other copious conveniences.
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Madness Creek's Fiddler on the Roof › Stallion › Jester Equine › OPEN :bulletgreen:
Fiddler on the Roof by Orphanrhapsody

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No mares so far ..
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Randomizer ~ copied from strideroo
To make sure that there is never a dull moment and that we'll be able to keep up with the insanity I have decided to use a randomizer when it comes to my horses (or rather, the offsprings from my horses). This randomizer is going to make decisions such as the success of the breeding, the general health of the foal, the gender and height and - for our realistic horses - coat colour.

Breeding success
This determines whether or not a breeding between two horses will take.
      › 1—15: Failure
      › 16—100: Success

Foal success
This determines whether or not a pregnancy will reach full term successfully.
      › 1—15: Failure
            Cause of failure
                  › 1—50: Miscarriage
                  › 51—100: Stillborn
      › 16—100: Success

General health
This determines the overall health of the foal, which will in turn affect his/her lifetime health.
      › 1—15: Below Average General Health
      Foal will be highly susceptible to injury/infection/disease
      › 16—85: Average General Health
      Foal will generally be healthy but may experience minor injuries/infections/diseases
      › 86—100: Excellent Average General Health
      Foal will never experience major injuries/infections/diseases

This determines the gender of the foal
      › Odds: Colt
      › Evens: Filly

This determines the mature height of the foal (Averages created from parents' heights)
      › 1—11: Below average › -0.2 hands from average
      › 12—90: Average › average
      › 91—100: Above average › +0.2 hands from average

Coat colour
This determines the colour of the foal (through the use of this coat color generator)
      › Through the use of a realistic coat color generator a list of possible coat colors will be generated and plugged into the RANDOM.ORG List Randomizer
      › Once the coat has been randomized, the genetics will be chosen in the same fashion
Keep in mind this only affects the horses of a realistic breed

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Madness Creek Stables and all its content are copyright by me › Orphanrhapsody


Orphanrhapsody's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi, I'm Annie. Green eyes, brown hair. Freckles. Ordinary in every way. From Sweden. I love to draw, write and read. There's nothing better than losing yourself in a good book or a song. :) Music completes my life, together with my cat. A two year old Burmese named Dexter. He's the apple of my eye. :heart: I ride a Islandic horse named Rós (if she was an English horse she'd probably be named Rose) twice a week, it's her you can see on the picture above! :la:

I only mostly draw horses, both realistic and fantasy looking! I use Photoshop Elements 8.0 and a Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen&Touch A4 tablet, a tablet I highly recommend :hug:

Oh and by the way, since English is not my mother tongue I misspell words every now and then and have a some what bad grammar so I apologize in advance for any linguistic mistakes! :aww:

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